Special Occasions

Weddings, Graduation parties, Proms, Religious events and Charity Events.

Let us ease your stress and help you put on a wedding to remember, provide a memorable experience for your graduation and no matter what faith your are observing, Mor Parking is happy to lend it’s services.

    Weddings: Mor can offer Lot management and/or Valet Parking at the venue(s), Shuttle Service to and from the venue(s) and even special vehicles for the lucky couple to arrive in.

    Graduation Parties: Whether it’s College or Highschool, graduation is an important event. All friends and family will want to be in attendance. Perhaps a Valet service is the best option, or maybe you just need help maximizing available space for guests to park, no matter what you need, the Mor Team is here to help.

    Proms: Hosting a prom is a big responsibility. The team at Mor Parking understands how important Prom is to both the student and the parents. We can provide Valet Parking, Lot Management, shuttle services and even Doorman Services.

    Religious Events: No matter what faith you are observing, Mor Parking is happy to lend its services. Maybe you would like Valet Services or Lot management to increase the traffic flow, or perhaps you could use a shuttle service. All our services are conducted with respect and professionalism.

    Charity Events: Charity is a subject close to the hearts of those at Mor Parking. With members of the Mor Team that belong to Charitable organizations, we are always open to serving as best we can. Please reach out to directly to discuss the unique ways we can help with your cause, whether that help comes via our professional service or otherwise.

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